The Rail Pub Savannah

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The Rail Rules

Rule #1

Don’t leave odd…if you have a wooden nickel, you have another drink coming …Read the rule

Rule #2

Don’t be offended by our bar paraphernalia. These things have graced our bar for years and are not meant to offend, but to entertain. I.E. The donkey with the circle and slash  …Read the rule

Rule #3

This isn’t your mothers house. It’s ok to throw peanuts on the floor …Read the rule

Rule #4

Don’t give the door guy a hard time for checking your i.D. We know you just turned 22 and you’re not that “immature 21 year old” anymore …Read the rule

Rule #5

Once you are inside….Don’t cause trouble!!! Just a reminder, our regular patrons vary from rugby players, bikers, army rangers, kung-fu champions …Read the rule

Rule #6

It is ok to throw peanuts on the floor, but it is not ok to throw peanuts at …Read the rule

Rule #7

If you leave your credit card over night and we have to search for it when you come in with a hangover the next day …Read the rule

Rule #8

When people around you are having a good time, please don’t play pink floyd on the jukebox. This is a fun neighborhood bar …Read the rule

Rule #9

The only drink that is blended here is whiskey. …Read the rule

Rule #10

No whistling, yelling, or throwing things at your bartender to get his or her attention if it’s really busy. If you do …Read the rule

Rule #11

No whining!! Stop it. Seriously. You’re only making a fool out of yourself. If you keep it up the person you came with will …Read the rule

Rule #12

We are a very generous bar. If your drink isn’t “strong enough” ask for…Read the rule

Rule #13

We have another bar upstairs. If you point at the stairs and ask “what’s up there?” And we say “our upstairs bar,” please don’t ask how …Read the rule

Rule #14

Our thing is “Fun and Snarky”.  We don’t want to put others down or put our bar on a pedestal.  Come with no expectations and The Rail Can’t disappoint you!  …Read the rule