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Pickiest eater alive. Dad. Cook.

Favorite Drink: Miller lite.

Quotable: Miller lite.

Likes: UFC, breakfast. And bringing his own Pepsi to restaurants.

Dislikes: Coca-cola. Whatever it is that you like.

Philosopher, cougar hunter, beach goer, cornhole champion.

Favorite Drink: Bells beer. Jack Daniels.

Quotable: “If I knew it was gonna be like that, I’d move to Amsterdam so I could do whatever the f^&k I want.”

Likes: Pitcher chugging, Ton-Eighties, organic farming. Detroit sports.

Dislikes: Mustard, vodka and Sidney Crosby.

Detroiter. Drummer. Irish. Three thumbs.

Favorite Drink: The cheapest whiskey you got and a Stroh’s.

Quotable: “Did I mention I am from Detroit…?”

Likes: Detroit, the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings, tapping the hell out of shit.

Dislikes: Ohio. Foreign cars. Jean Claude Damme.

Armchair activist, moustache grower. Once got pepper sprayed at a Food not Bombs rally by the man.

Favorite Drink: Cosmo.

Quotable: “The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.”

Likes: Socialism, drums, granola and the color pink.

Dislikes: Fox News, corporate pigs, capitalism.

International yo-yo competitor, wife.

Favorite Drink: Guiness, Jameson.

Quotable: “Are you thirsty (Insert name here)”

Likes: Cooking, animals, gardening having a pint with friends.

Dislikes: Ping pong, peanuts.

King of flatulence. A horny bastard who lives only for sex.

Favorite Drink: Newcastle, Jameson.

Quotable: “Cooglesack”

Likes: Moonlit-naked walks on the beach. Good food. Koreans.

Dislikes: Jail. Chivalry.



A Boston Fan from Long Island.

Favorite Drink: A Bud and a Jack.

Quotable: “I fucking hate the Yankees.”

Likes: The NY Rangers, Gorilla Suits. And fanny packs. They’re coming back.

Dislikes: The Fliers, the Yankees and getting arrested.



The Legend.

Favorite Drink: Heineken in the kitchen while doing “inventory.”

Quotable: “Ah, for fuck’s sake…”

Likes: Hiding his money under the mattress.

Dislikes: Don’t get him started…getting deported is near the top of the list.