The Rail Pub Savannah

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Pittsburger, world traveler, toast master

Favorite Drink: Beer.

Quotable: Many. He is a toast master after all…”Hey, tell me if there are any ugly horny women down or upstairs, I want em” “Hot! Hot!”

Likes: Ugly women, the Steelers, pub crawls and Rolling Rock.

Dislikes: Technology.

Big Mike


Slicker than KY Jelly

Favorite Drink: Bud.

Quotable: “I don’t chase females. They come to me.”

Likes: Susie. Black and Milds.

Dislikes: Flat, itty bitty bootys. Marriage.



Rail Bar Fairy.

Favorite Drink: Jack on the rocks and Amstel Light

Quotable: Apparently I lack some particular perversion which today’s employer is seeking. (It’s not really hers, but applicable nonetheless)

Likes: Her momma, traveling the world and laughing

Dislikes: Stupidity and punctuation, errors,.!

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