The Rail Pub Savannah

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Media and Reviews

New York Times

Newspaper | April 2002

“…A few doors down from the restaurant, the Rail Pub seemed to be attracting a steady stream of revelers. We followed them in to discover a rowdy, two-floor bar with a juke box and video poker. A large clock on the wall was counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until St. Patrick’s Day. Savannah is host to the second largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States after New York’s, and most of the bar’s patrons seemed to be in training. We threw some darts and left when the drinking games threatened to get out of hand…” Read it Here

Bar Business article on Savannah bars

Bar Business

Magazine | July/August 2010

“…This down-home, southern-friend dive bar has cheap beers and drink specials advertised all over the place. “Five-dollar pitcher night” sounds like a winner to us!…” Read it Here

Savannah Tavern Tales and Pub Reviews

Book |  2006

“…A cozy holde-in-the-wall, complete with no fewer than two fireplaces and a cordoned off darts room, The Rail’s no-frills approach is a refreshing change to the hyped pick-up joints that have over-run City Market – and there’s something to be said for a place that has (mounted prominently above the bar) a year-round countdown to St. Patrick’s Day…” Buy it Here

Best Dive Bars USA

Blog | January 2009

“My hubby and I love visiting Savannah. It is a quaint town with a cobble stone river front and a park oriented historic district. There is quite a lot of bar hopping to be done on the river front, but if you are looking for a real dive haunted by locals as opposed to today’s tourist, then the river front is NOT the place you want to be. The best dive bar in Savannah is, hands down, The Rail Pub.” Read it Here

The Bar Review

An irreverent guide to the bars of Savannah
by Don Teuton and John Miltiades; illustrated by Dan Sears.

Book | 1998

“Decor: Cinco de Shamrock. Pastimes: Setting World Records. Sign: Warning! Fertility rites in progress and we’re running low on virgins.”

“…Beyond the beer signs, the Rail is a quiet “hole in the wall” with a fireplace and old photographs that lend a subtle charm…” Read About it Here